Minions in Pure HTML/CSS !

About the Practice

Few days before doing this I saw a some cool guy made the "Simpsons" in HTML/CSS, I just realized If I made such contributions it going to be a great added value to me technically; I actually was just completed my HTML/CSS course on "" and I was willing to test myself!

I started with simple drawing for the characters on Photoshop to guide me in the coding process.

amr zakaria, minions in pure css
Coding Process

I spent a whole week working almost 14 hours per/day on it without getting bored, I aimed to draw every single piece of detail in only CSS, I even decided not to go for Javascript even a single line.

Started to separate each single part of the characters into classes, lists and spans; so I can easly adjust any of its values later.

amr zakaria, minions in pure css
Publishing and getting FEATURED !

I published the work on "" and "", and simply I let it go for few months; I suddenly searched on google for same title; I found my code was the first on search results with more than 70,000 views on ! then eventually I found many articles mentioning and featuring my work; samples of them:

Live Preview !

See the Pen Minions in pure CSS by Amr Zakaria (@amrzakaria) on CodePen.