Nafham - Mobile App.

About the Project

Nafham “in English: we understand” is a free K-12 online educational platform started in 2012, the first and largest in Middle East. Providing 5-20 mintues video lessons covering Egyptian, Syrian, Al-Geria, Kuwait and KSA curriculam for all students starting from primary 1st to end of High School.

Lessons mainly come as "Crowd Sourcing" from whoever finds himself able and willing to teach specific topic, either Formal Teachers, Parents and even Students !

My Role

- (2013) Design a Mobile App that offers easy and quick access to "Nafham" content anytime and anywhere, tailored for all Android mobile/tablet devices.

Design Process

- Every single design step had several discussions, feedback from different team members and active users to ensure the easiest usability for users; as they may differ in their understading of computer; browsing and online teaching.

- The Mobile App. was highly depended on the website design, with adding few edits to be compatiable with mobile users.

Dashboard & Sidebar

- Customized view of student's grade, subjects and current lessons, If s/he wants to navigate through the available 15,000+ video lessons, he can easily access them through the Sidebar.

Sidebar allows user to access different lessons, competitions, notifications, search, settings and logging-out.

Subject & Lesson Page

To enable the student to get an overview of all available videos, exercises and experiments for each particular subject as well as lessons.

Profile Page

To show basic user information along with achievements, points and latest contribution.

Customized Subject Icons

15 Flat icons made specially for the App., to build a light colorful theme with a separate color for each particular subject.


© 2013-2014 All Rights Reserved / Designed in "Nafham Education Co.".

Co-Founders: Mostafa Faraht; Mohamed Habib.

Android Developer: Samar Saad