Etisalat UAE

About the Project

This is unofficial project for Etisalat UAE, designs were a porposal to be applied to Etisala UAE as a redesign of their UAE website.

My Role

- Design and build a theme, UX Concept to be used in all related pages, with much easier and faster usability to make users able to quickly reach their desired service.

Design Process

After few sketches I reached a quite simple concept that focuses on main titles, uses many white spaces as main seprator among different products and text-blocks ... Here comes the results:

Main Products Page
amr zakaria, etisalat uae redesign
Sub-menu Concept:
Detailed Product Page

- Trying to add all-related data for a product in one easy readable page; with quick access sidebar at left to reach the desired product without the need to go back for main products page.


This is unofficial project made as a porposal and self-practice; and has never been used commercially by any party.